T-shirt Barcode scanner camera marked cards

High-quality t-shirt barcode scanning camera can read barcode marked cards well because its dynamic cards automatically focus on the barcode of cards.

The T-shirt barcode scanner is processed from our daily clothes. We install a very small camera on the clothes. It is almost invisible. The poker analyzer must be used to scan gambling clothes. The clothes poker cheating scanner scans the barcode-marked poker cards and sends the data to an analyzer. In less than a second, the analyzer will calculate which players are the biggest winners in gambling.

You can install the poker cheat scanning camera in a T-shirt or jacket. It blends well with clothes. It is invisible to the naked eye that the scanner can read the barcode-marked deck. Clothes are a common item in daily life. It doesn’t matter where you are, clothes are a common item. The gambling clothes scanner can be worn confidently to play poker gambling games.

Poker Analyzer and Poker Camera are both cheating poker devices. T-shirt Camera disguises itself as something small on the table to check the shooting value. You can use it in conjunction with Poker Analyzer to significantly increase your Casino win rate. Come and get it.

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