CVK 400 iphone poker analyzer for sale at low price

CVK 400 Phone Poker Analyzer for Barcode Marked Poker Cards Cards in poker cheating game. Help us predict opponents in gambling games.

CVK 400 poker winner predictor can be used as an all-in-one cheating device. The device has two internal scanning cameras that can scan larger areas. The CVK 400 poker analyzer is similar to an iPhone in appearance. CVK 400 poker analyzer has the same functions as a real phone, but can also scan side-marked playing cards. AKK is not compatible Poker Analyzer CVK 400 poker prediction cannot change the battery. CVK analyzer launches one digital earpiece. The CVK 400 predictor can only bind 8 earpieces.

cvk 400 is a poker winner predictor. Each player should use it as an additional tool when playing poker. The right help can make the difference between success and failure. Let’s take Texas Holdem as an example. This cvk 400 calculator focuses on the winning ch of each poker player. Knowing the outcome in advance will greatly help you in becoming the biggest winner of the game. The odds calculator is often called the poker-winning predictor.

CVK 400 poker predictor includes a poker analyzer and poker scanning camera (local and wireless), barcode marked cards, and mini earpiece. Each part plays an important role in the overall process. This is how it works. The poker scanning camera scans barcode cards. Next, the phone analyzer takes the signals and analyzes them. The mini spy earpiece will let the poker players hear the results. It takes only 0.5 seconds, even though it seems complicated. Its advantages include high accuracy, speed, security, portability perfect accuracy. This predictor is a popular choice for poker players.

CVK 400

cvk 400 for sale at a low price

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