Poker Camera

What is Poker Scanning Camera analyzer?

poker camera is the most advanced poker scanner device in existence. It is a wireless camera hidden in different daily objects, used to scan the barcode marked cards and help the poker analyzer report the game's results.
A smartphone equipped with poker analyzer software can analyze and report on the results of poker hands. It uses the phone's scanner to scan the cards, or wirelessly with a scanning camera that scans them first. It is also known as the winner predictor and poker cards reader because it can accurately forecast the outcome of a game using the scanning system. The result can be retrieved from the phone analyzer using the mini earpiece or from the time model.

 Infrared Poker Camera - Advanced Poker Scanner Tool

In the poker game, the poker camera will play a very good role, we call it "infrared camera", this kind of infrared camera lens can see things that ordinary cameras can't see, and the infrared camera lens can see infrared marker card Invisible invisible ink markings.

Infrared poker camera and infrared invisible ink marked playing cards are advanced poker cheating tools that are largely unknown among the general public and even among poker players. Plus, the infrared camera lens is so safe that it cannot be detected by contact lenses with invisible ink or by scanning the camera lens. Moreover, the places where infrared poker cameras are hidden are usually very hidden, such as ceilings, lights, etc. The wired signage infrared cameras do not need to be exposed to the outside, and only need to open a small hole. so that the IR poker lens can see the marked card through the hole.

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