Infrared marked cards

Infrared Marked Cards

Infrared marked cards are special modified cards with invisible markings that can only be seen under infrared lights. The markings on the back of the cards are usually applied using special inks or printing processes, which makes them invisible to the naked eyes.
infrared marked cards be used to cheat in games, such as poker or other card games.
Infrared sensor marked playing cards have infrared markings and must be read with infrared camera lenses. This allows us to know they are a different type of playing card. The poker camera system can be installed in ceilings, walls, or anywhere else to allow people to read magic mark cards at different locations.

Invisible ink marked playing cards with glasses

most people like using invisible ink marked cards with infrared contact lenses in poker games for poker cheating.
Our invisible ink marked cards are crafted from a playing card printing machine with special ink. The processed playing cards are exactly the same as the original poker. People simply can't see the clues. Of course, If you want to mark the cards by yourself, you can choose invisible ink marking pen to make your own marked cards. After you own it, you can write the marks on the back of the cards. The marks can be written for suits and numbers. Also you can write the special marks, which only can be understood by yourself, even if others wear the marked cards contact lenses to see your cards, they also can't understand the meaning of the marks. By contrast, invisible ink marked cards can make you better, Mastering the art is more important than luck. Marking cards with invisible ink can help you cheat at Texas Holdem and blackjack.

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