Infrared marked cards

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What is an invisible ink marked card?

The invisible ink marked cards are made from playing card printing machines that use special ink. The original poker cards remain the same. The clues are difficult to see for most people. You can also use our invisible ink marker pen to make your own cards. Once you have it, you can put your marks on the back of each card. You can write the marks for numbers and suits. You can also write special marks. These marks can only be understood through marked cards contact lenses, they still won’ t be able to understand the meaning. You can, however, make a better decision.

Infrared Contact Lenses – invisible ink Marked Cards

Infrared contact lenses, also known as poker contact lenses can be used to view infrared markings on cards that would otherwise not be visible.
The markings on Infrared Contact Lenses marked Decks are specifically designed to be seen only by the wearer. The special lenses are invisible to the naked eye. However, the wearer of these lenses can see the message on the back of each card easily and can then use that information to determine which card they should stake and what card it will appear next.

             Cards with Infrared markings

We only carry the highest quality infrared marked poker cards for all your gaming needs, whether you are playing Texas Holdem or a classic version of Poker.

Unmatched Infrared Marked Card for the Win

Modiano, a globally renowned brand, is leading the pack with its best-selling Jumbo Bike Infrared Juice Card.
Our specially designed decks will help you dominate any poker game! Modiano’s infrared marked 100% plastic cards feature a classic motorcycle back pattern with a traditional trophy design. These cards are made entirely of plastic and offer many advantages over traditional playing cards. They are more durable, easier to shuffle, and have a greater fluidity.