Barcode Marked Cards

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What is a barcode-marked card?

The poker scanning system can scan a deck of cards with an invisible ink barcode. The barcode-marked playing card will allow you to enjoy a great experience and increase your chances of winning large-scale poker games.

This poker card can be marked with a barcode on its sides. This type of marking requires that the barcode-marked card be scanned and clearly read by the poker scanner camera. The poker analyzer will also provide you with the information about the results via an earpiece. It is the most advanced poker card available. The infrared contact lens or luminous ink sunglasses can not be used to see the results. The poker analyzer and poker scanner cameras are the perfect poker cheating tools for you to appear with the bar-coded card during the game operation process.

Why are barcode-marked cards becoming more popular?

To increase their chances of winning in poker games, a growing number of players are using barcode-marked playing cards. These are the main reasons why barcode-marked poker cards have become increasingly popular.

The barcode-marked cards are more difficult to detect than invisible ink cards. They should be used with infrared contact lenses. The marks can only be detected using a poker scanning system.

Another way is to use our high-end poker analyzer for barcode marking cards. This will scan the side of the barcode cards and predict the exact result in poker games such as Texas Holdem or Omaha.

All brands and models can be converted into barcode-marked playing cards. Contact us if you have any questions about our products or to check the stock of playing cards that you require.