Invisible Ink Glasses

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invisible ink glasses are special poker cheating glasses that can see marking cards with invisible ink markings. These lenses are often used to read different brands of marking cards in casinos.
The fashionable poker sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun. We will now introduce the luminous ink glasses that can see invisible ink marks cards. invisible ink marked cards glasses, also known as luminous ink glasses, can provide protection from the sun and can be used to read secret poker cheat cards.

People can’t see invisible ink with their naked eyes. Only special infrared filters are able to distinguish it. To see the invisible ink marks on marked cards, the invisible ink glasses have red filters in the lenses of their sunglasses. your mood and stop the opponent reading your information during the game.

The color may be darker than sunglasses. However, we offer a variety of colors outside the glasses. These include silver, blue and green. Their appearances are identical to the original, and there is no way for anyone to find any differences. Fashionable tools that can be used to protect you against cheating. The poker cheating glasses are a great tool that can help you increase your chances of winning.

For poker cheating players, buying a pair of high-quality invisible ink contact lenses can be very useful. Marking cards with invisible ink and a poker cheating lens used together will help you invincible.

How much do you know for invisible ink glasses?

Invisible ink, also known as security ink, is a substance used for writing, which is invisible either on the application or soon thereafter and can later be made visible by some means. Clear, here is a safer, simpler, more secure way.

Glasses, here we can understand as eyewear, which use as an auxiliary tool for people to see clearly.

Invisible ink clear glasses, in our marked cards shop, means you can use the special poker card glasses to see the marking cards very clearly. It has the same function as invisible ink contact lenses. People just need to wear the invisible ink clear glasses, and then you can see the magic card marking ink on the back of each marked deck. It can also be used to see normal environments, people with these invisible ink clear glasses active normally. No matter day and night, white light and black light, indoors and outdoors, people can see anything as clearly as normal glasses, in particular, marked cards.