Infrared Contact Lenses

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Cheating lenses for marked playing cards

Can contact lenses be used to play cards? Are you sure you can see each card in a poker match? These are the Cards Lenses.

It is very simple. Simply mark the playing cards using invisible ink and then use special lenses to determine the cards’ value. What are the special cheating glasses? They will be revealed one at a time.

   Marked Cards Contact Lenses

Marked Cards can be divided into different types such as magic cards or contact lens marked cards. The most common type is the contact lens marked card. You can see the invisible ink marks (value and suit) using contact lenses.
Infrared contact lenses, invisible ink, and luminous ink are commonly claimed to be marked card contact lenses. They are based on the characteristics visible light (the principle behind invisible ink markings).
We have created the third generation of marked cards contact lenses. This cheating lens can be worn for longer periods of time without affecting the color of your eyes. It is made of high quality materials and offers clear visibility.
marked cards contact lenses are becoming more and more popular in the poker game as well. Some of the marked cards are designed only to be seen with special poker cheat contact lenses.

               infrared contact lenses

Infrared contact lenses prove the absolute solution to detecting invisible ink marks on luminous marked playing cards. Dominate any poker game with the industry’s most effective marked cards contact lenses, specially designed to detect invisible ink markings on infrared luminous marked cards.