Infrared Contact Lenses

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                    Infrared contact lenses

Infrared contact lenses, also known as Invisible Ink Contact Lenses, are the best way to detect invisible ink markings on marked cards. A pair of high-quality poker contact lenses will help you to cheat at poker. These high-quality lenses will not hurt your eyes and can also see marked cards clearly. They can be used with any brand of UV marked cards. Infrared Contact Lenses are similar to infrared sunglasses, but they have improved their appearance and ease of use.

How effective is the infrared contact lens detection mark card

In order to detect invisible markings on the back of invisible ink marking cards, most of the inspection equipment has appeared on the market. As one of the detection devices, infrared invisible ink contact lenses have won the favor of many poker players around the world.
But there are still some people who hold the opposite opinion and believe that contact lenses are useless and harmful, which is why contact lenses are of poor quality. Wearing high-quality contact lenses provides much better comfort and clarity than lower-quality contact lenses. What’s more, wearing high-quality contact lenses with invisible ink will not cause side effects such as soreness and inflammation.
Infrared contact lenses are a fairly specialized product for seeing marked playing cards with invisible ink. They only work well if they play well enough to see the numbers and suits so far.
We produce different colors of invisible ink contact lenses including red, brown and blue for people in different regions.
If you wear Infraredcontact lenses with red and brown contact ink, the color of the eyes will be a little darker than the original color, which is difficult for ordinary people to notice. Of course, wearing blue contact lenses will preserve the original color of the eyes, which is undetectable to ordinary people and even professionals. So it is very safe and practical to use our infrared invisible ink contact lenses and marking playing cards for poker games.