Bicycle plastic playing cards | Jumbo INDEX Cards

bicycle Plastic playing cards are 100 percent recyclable. These cards are durable and unbreakable. Our Bicycle jumbo-marked magic cards for contact lenses is the best choice for Texas Hold’em Poker Games.

Bicycle Jumbo plastic cards will give you a clear read of your hand during a competitive game. Different from the traditional and the old way to mark the playing cards, the newest way to mark the Bicycle Jumbo marked poker cards are invisible to our human nude eyes totally. The back marks will appear in your eyes only with red filtered lenses or glasses.

Bicycle Jumbo Plastic Juice Card Deck

Our bicycle plastic playing cards are a great way to get more edge in poker games. And very jumbo, You can enjoy discounts if you purchase more Bicycle marked poker cards with the jumbo index.

Bicycle plastic playing cards allow The juice recipe printed on the card. Juice card decks can be used for magic tricks. They can be seen from as far away as 15 feet. You will need to learn how to read these cards. It can take up to one week to learn to recognize signs. It is nearly invisible to the public because it is difficult to spot. It was amazing how easy it was to identify the card number. I was also amazed that it took me so long to learn to read it. This bicycle card has been with me for over a year. Even the light display looks almost like a neon sign. Instructions on how to read and use the card are included. The Shoal test cannot detect this card. to see the card if it is heavier than it appears, even when it is in bright sunlight and when it is carefully examined.

Bicycle jumbo cards don’t require any special equipment or glasses, and it’s not necessary to view the card in unusual ways . Specialists use cards like these because the markings are invisible u nless they are known. You will know exactly where to look, as the markings have been carefully placed on each card. Each card is marked with 13 types of marks. The deck is brand new. Before performing or demonstrating, the deck can be passed across a table. Do not be deceived by dealers who are trying to make the deck look great. We use the most effective “juice” to label cards and the easiest-to-learn labeling patterns.

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