Copag 1546 Marked Playing Cards FOR poker scanning lens

Copag 1546 marked cards, original Copag playing cards, the useful cheating device in poker games.

Copag playing cards feature special markings on the back of each card that is invisible to the naked eye but can be read using special lenses or glasses.


Copag 1546 Plastic Marked Cards are 100% plastic and are the best plastic playing cards, they are water resistant, curl, fade, and washable. Copag 1546 marker cards are available in two sizes: regular index, jumbo index, and poker size. The set contains two decks of cards packaged together in a black hard plastic case.

Copag marked cards can be used as marker cards for IR/UV readers and as back marker cards readable by spy cameras. Cards marked on the side are also available for barcode scanning systems. There are different types of invisible ink marker cards to choose from depending on your poker game, environment, and current state. You can use any type of invisible ink cards to improve your poker game and increase your chances of winning.

Original Copag 1546 playing cards have the same barcode markings as barcode marked playing cards. When marked cards are shuffled, they are easier to identify. The copag poker cards scanning lens scans the Copag 1546 playing card marking barcode. It’s always disguised as a cigarette case, clock, or car keys. This is how these poker cheating devices secretly work together. After reading the cards, the poker scanning camera transmits the barcode card data to the poker analyzer. Headphones can receive results in less than 1 second. This can be used for all types of magic shows and poker games. Based on decades of experience and skilled marking technology, the Copag 1546 barcode marking card is the most marked laser card in the world. No matter which side you scan, we mark the edges of the card on all four sides.

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