Copag 4 color playing cards | poker Plastic Juiced Cheating

Copag 4 color playing cards, original Copag playing cards, the useful cheating devices in poker games.

Copag 4 Color Playing Cards and Original Copag Playing Cards are high-quality playing cards manufactured by Copag, a Brazilian company known for producing durable and reliable playing cards. These cards are widely used in poker games, casinos, and other card games.

The Copag 4 color deck can be described as a cheating deck. It looks exactly like normal cards but when you look at them with special contacts or glasses you can see things that others cannot see.

Poker is becoming more popular in many countries. If you need to improve your poker game, then the Copag 4 color cheating deck may be of help.

Copag 4 Color Playing Cards

The Copag 4 Colour Index Series of 100% plastic playing cards will add a new dimension to your game. Each suit uses a different color than the traditional black and red card suits. Black for spades and blue for diamonds; green for clubs and hearts; red for hearts. The popularity of the four-color playing card is growing over time in Europe, and it has a strong following in the United States.

  • Included are one red deck, and one blue deck
  • Poker size, Jumbo index
  • Clubs are green
  • Blue diamonds are blue
  • Red Hearts
  • Black Spades

Copag 4 Colour playing Cards for Cheating

With the help of an infrared contact lens, you can cheat on Copag 4 color cards marked with infrared invisible pen marks on the back. Infrared spy cameras cannot read these infrared cheating cards. You don’t need to have partners or use any other device, such as a TV or cell phone screen. To enjoy poker in secret, you can wear invisible ink contact lenses and infrared sunglasses.

You can mark Copag 4 color back cheating card for the IR camera lens. These lenses can’t see through infrared glasses or invisible ink contact lenses. Only IR camera lenses can see them. The set of IR Copag4 color-marked cheating cards with IR spy camera and IR Copag 4 color-coded poker cards is a great choice. They are very hard to detect by poker glasses, and they are extremely safe. You will need a partner to read the invisible decks in another area.

Copag 4 Colour Marked Cards
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