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Copag Poker Cards is a brand of high-quality playing cards widely used in various casinos, poker rooms, and other poker-playing situations. These plates are made of PVC plastic which is water and abrasion resistant making them very durable. In addition, the quality of the cards is also very high as they use advanced printing technology to ensure that the cards are clear, colorful, and easily recognizable.


Copag Poker Cards is one of the most commonly used brands of poker in casinos. Due to their high quality, durability, and easy differentiation, they are widely used in various gambling games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, etc. The poker analyzer can tell you the results of the poker games before the games start. For this poker cheating device, you need the barcode marked playing cards.

We directly make the invisible barcodes on the side of the orginal Copag Poker Club cards. You don??t need to worry about the opened box since we can make it the same as it looks as original.

The analysis device, such as poker analyzer and poker scanner camera can identify the invisible barcodes and give the player the results of poker games. So you can decide how to bet according to the results. It??s really easy to use.

Copag Poker Cards is an excellent poker brand with the following advantages:

Durability: Copag Poker Cards are made of PVC plastic, so they are water-resistant and abrasion-resistant, making them more durable than traditional paper cards and can hold up well after a long time of use.

High-quality printing: Copag Poker Cards adopts advanced printing technology to ensure the clarity and vivid colors of the cards, making these cards easier to identify and distinguish when they are used.

High Strength: Copag Poker Cards have very high strength, not easy to break, not easy to bend, even after long-time use, there will be no obvious signs of wear and aging.

VARIETY OF DESIGNS AND STYLES: Copag Poker Cards come in a variety of styles and designs, including traditional and contemporary designs, as well as bridge and poker size options. This allows users to choose the right card according to their needs and preferences.

High transparency: Copag Poker Cards have very high opacity, which allows users to play more secretly and protect their privacy and interests.

To sum up, Copag Poker Cards is a very good poker brand with very high quality and performance.



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