Scanner T-Shirt Button Camera Poker Marked Cards Reader

T-shirt button camera works just like a camera. It has the ability to analyze the information from barcode-marked decks. A video poker analyzer is still needed. Only these devices can tell you who the winner is. You can also scan cards with the poker analyzer’s camera, but that is not possible. Sometimes, you can’t even put anything on the tables. The T-shirt button camera is extremely useful at the moment.

                                                                          Poker T-Shirt Button Camera

A poker button camera, also known as a cheat scanning lens is used to help you win when playing poker cards. A good poker analyzer is essential.

Spy camera t-shirts with wide dynamics are extremely popular among poker players due to their safety and concealment.

The poker scanner camera scans invisible ink barcode marking decks of cards and sends the data to the poker analyzer device when we are wearing the T-shirt with button cam. The distance from the button camera on the T-shirt is between 30-60 cm.

shirt button camera

You don’t have to worry about being detected by others. The button camera is embedded in your clothes. These are common objects that we all use every day and attract less attention. Poker players often say that safety is a better bonus. The hidden camera shirt looks just like regular clothing. It can be removed. It is very easy to use. It can be washed as normal. All you have to do is take the playing card scanner out.

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