Clock Long Distance Poker Cards Scanner Camera For Cheating Tricks

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A clock long-distance camera is used to process the normal clock we use in our day. To put the camera in, we need to rewire the clock. Then we will drill a small hole in the clock to ensure that the camera is visible. It is too small for us to find. The clock can still function as a normal clock even though it has a camera. The common clock is not visible to the players in your poker room.

How To Customize a Clock Long-Distance Poker cards Camera

You can adjust the scanning distance for the clock poker camera. We will need to know the distance between your poker area and the camera. We will then negotiate the best distance. The clock scans the cards and helps you to determine the winner.


You can choose from a variety of camera types to customize a long-distance camera. There are two types of cameras: normal cameras and dynamic cameras. While a dynamic camera can automatically focus on the barcode, a normal camera cannot scan cards at a fixed spot. Dealer’s assistance is required if you wish to use the normal camera. Dealers must ensure that cards are always in the correct place.

A phone analyzer is also required to scan long-distance clocks. Pay attention to the distance between the analyzer and the clock. This is because the analyzer system won’t be able to receive the signal from the camera if it is too far away. You may not get the right results or even nothing. 5 meters is the best distance. When you are playing a game, you can keep the phone in your pocket. This will allow the analyzer to receive the signal, and you can clearly hear the result.


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