Lighter poker Accurate read Barcode Card Camera for Analyzer

  • Scanner carrier: Lighter
  • Scanning distance: About 8-15 cm, 20-40 cm
  • Application: 5 cards Omaha, Texas Holdem, blackjack
  • Marked cards type: Edge-side barcode poker cards

A lighter camera is a gambling cheating device that can be used to read poker cards in Omaha. The lighter can be used to light a cigarette and can also be used to scan barcode playing cards at the poker table to cheat or cheat.

many models of Lighter scanner cameras

The distance between the marked decks and the lighter poker cameras is usually around 20cm-40cm. These cameras are very common. These lighter cameras are usually in stock and won’t be too expensive. The following paragraphs will detail other models. Before placing an order, please ensure you are familiar with them and clearly communicate your requirements.

1. Remote control for a lighter camera

The remote control is for the lighter poker lens. It can be used to turn the camera on and off in as little as 3-5 meters. You can also keep the remote control in your pocket if you’re a poker player and user. Because it is used to light a fire and lie on the poker tables, others won’t be able to doubt the lighter.

The range of the lighter camera and controller is between 15-25cm, 15-20cm, 25-30cm, or 25-35cm.

Lighter Barcode Marked Cards Camera

2. Transparent, lighter camera

The lighter used to be for carrying a poker lens and was made of dark colors like black or red so that the camera lens could be hidden. It’s a technological marvel that the scanner camera can now be installed in transparent light.

The original lighters have the exact same dimensions, shape, and transparent appearance as the originals. The gas can be seen by anyone. The distance that can be scanned is similar to normal lighter cameras.

3. Scanners that can scan far distances are lighter

The lighter camera was introduced with a technological breakthrough in the scanning distance of the poker camera lens. The latest technology of the mini scanning camera allows for customizing the scanning distance to as long as 40cm-60cm. This new camera is a bit more expensive than other models.


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