Newest Power Bank Poker Scanning Camera Read Barcode Marked Card


The newest power bank scanning camera is a practical and affordable poker cheating tool. This poker scanner conceals a tiny lens that can read barcode marks on marked cards. This lens offers unparalleled advantages over ordinary mobile power scanners or other poker cameras.

This speed power bank scanner camera has the obvious advantages of a high scanning speed and wide scanning range.

Its speed and range have many advantages. This scanner eliminates the need to worry about your gaming table getting too long or if it doesn’t allow items. The high-speed power bank scanner lets you scan it by simply holding it on the gaming table.

Power Bank poker Camera

This great power bank camera lens features image correction technology. This gives it a higher ability to process images. It will automatically recognize any barcode marked poker even if it is moved. It can read barcodes from all sides and is very useful.

The scanning camera has a high-speed power bank and is easy to use. To switch the lens, you only need to hold it On and Off for less than a second. It is also easy to use. All you have to do to switch the camera lens is power it on and turn the analyzer on. The wireless signal from your poker scanner camera will be transmitted to the analyzer. The scanning system will give you all the information you need after you have set up the game.


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