AKK Poker Analyzer Wireless Mini Earphone

AKK Poker Analyzer Wireless Mini Earphone, Works with poker analyzer, is playing an important role in the poker games

AKK Poker Analyzer Wireless Mini Earphone plays an important role in poker games. The mini wireless earpiece is essential for receiving the results of the poker analyzer analysis. Do not be put off by the mini wireless earpiece.
The wireless earphone can be used in a variety of situations, including private rooms, poker rooms, and casino rooms. It is more versatile than other wired earpieces. It can be worn to any poker game and it will not be noticed by anyone. This type of small earphone can also be hidden within the ear canal. It is easy to use and carry.
The mini earpiece can be used as a poker analyzer, poker scanner, and poker predictor, as well as for cheating devices. This wireless earpiece can be used for many purposes.


The poker analyzer scans playing cards marked with a barcode and calculates the results. The results can be displayed or heard.

The results of the poker analyzer are displayed in clock mode. If the analyzer displays 15:08:02, and you choose to report the best hand, Player 2 has the best hand.

You don’t even need to glance at the poker analyzer if wireless headphones are used. It will be much simpler.

Poker Analyzer and Poker Camera are both cheating poker devices. Poker Camera disguises itself as something small on the table to check the shooting value. You can use it in conjunction with Poker Analyzer to significantly increase your Casino win rate. Come and get it.

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