Copag 4 Colour Playing Cards poker Analyzer

Copag 4 Colour Playing Cards, made using original playing cards from the Copag. It works with some analysis devices, poker analyzers, etc. The player can get game results within a second.

Copag 4 Color Playing Cards and other Copag Playing Cards are basically the same in terms of material, size, quality, etc. They are all made of high-quality plastic materials. After special treatment, the durability and performance stability of the cards are very high. They are suitable for various card games and casinos.

Copag 4 Color Poker Cards is a very popular poker all over the world, especially in the United States. It’s really good for cheating in poker. A poker analyzer can tell you the outcome of a poker game before it even starts. For this poker cheat you need to label the barcodes of the playing cards

Copag 4 Color Playing Cards use a special color design that divides each suit into four colors: black, red, green and blue, representing different card ranks. This design makes the card face clearer and easier to identify, especially for those who have poor color Discrimination or color blindness, it is easier to identify the card face.

While the rest of the Copag Playing Cards collection has a traditional color scheme that splits each decor into black and red, it doesn’t feature the unique four-color design of the Copag 4 Color Playing Cards.

The analysis device, such as a poker analyzer and poker scanner camera can identify the invisible barcodes and give the player the results of poker games. So you can decide how to bet according to the results. It is really easy to use.

Copag 4 Colour Cards

The Copag 4 Color Decks Index Collection are 100% plastic playing cards that will bring a new dimension to your game. Card suits are not just black and red, but each suit uses a different color. Black represents spades, blue represents diamonds, green represents clubs, and red represents hearts. Over the years, four-color poker has grown in popularity in Europe and has gained a strong fan base in the United States as well.

 Includes a red deck and a blue deck
 poker size, giant index
 clubs are green
 diamonds are blue
 heart is red
 spades are black

Copag 4 Colour Marked Cards


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