Poker Sunglasses to See Invisible Ink cheating poker cards

Poker sunglasses are well-known as an anti-poker cheating device for poker games and a magic tool for magic shows.

Since many years, poker cheating glasses have been one of the most useful tools for poker reading. By wearing the glasses, the users can clearly see the markings on the backs of the playing cards. Poker cheating sunglasses are infrared contact lenses and perspective sunglasses. Special sunglasses should not be worn if you have sensitive eyes.

What is poker sunglasses?

This is a pair of altered sunglasses that can filter out the green light and permit you to see marks on cards. Also known as infrared glasses.

poker sunglasses’ functions are very similar to infrared contact lenses. The perspective sunglasses are easier to maintain. Simply place them in the case and cover with a soft cloth. They can be removed and put on at any time and anywhere. Contact lenses should be kept in clean water. Before you put them on, you need to wash your hands.

Poker sunglasses feature an aluminum frame in gold and two PVC glasses in deep purple. It is the same size and shape as regular sunglasses.
These stylish and fashionable infrared ink glasses can be used for poker. They can also be worn outside for long periods of time and can protect your eyes.
The poker infrared sunglasses allow you to see exactly the back of your cards and can even tell the outcome of a poker game. It is also convenient and safe.
Infrared sunglasses can also be used to verify that the cards have the correct marks. It is difficult to verify the accuracy of cards without infrared sunglasses.
Infrared contact lenses are used to identify cards marked in invisible ink. We can make infrared lenses of different colors to help you choose.

Infrared poker cheating sunglasses

These sunglasses can be used to cheat on poker by reading the cards marked. They are available in different colors and have a fashionable appearance. There is no discernible difference in the appearance of UV sunglasses and unprocessed glasses. It is therefore very safe to use in any casino game. The poker glasses are also made from the softest, lightest material to ensure that you don’t feel any pain when you use them for long periods of time. The clarity of the UV sunglasses is important because players want to see the cards clearly. Our advanced machine has given the glasses lenses strong abilities to provide high clarity for poker players. One thing to keep in mind is that the more clear you see the luminous playing cards, you will see a blurred outward environment.


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