playing cards cheating lens for marked cards

By playing cards cheating lens, Clearly see the mark of poker with perspective contact lenses.

playing cards cheating Lenses can be used in poker games and will help you win. Contact lenses, or prospective glasses, users can see the number and suit before getting the card. However, other players cannot see this information. The card is marked with invisible inks. Only special contact lenses or glasses can be used to see card markings.

Cheating Playing Cards Lenses

There are many different types of marked playing cards. These include magic cards, barcode-marked cards and contact lens cards. The most common type of mark is contact lens marked cards. You can see the invisible ink marks (value and suit) using contact lenses.

Marked cards contact lenses are frequently claimed to be infrared, invisible ink, or luminous ink lenses. They are based on invisible ink markings (the characteristics of visible and hidden light)

This type of cheating playing card lens is comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, and won’t alter the color of your eyes. It is made of high quality materials and offers clear visibility.



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