Copag Best Marked poker Playing Cards Game

Copag marked cards will help you perform any card trick more effectively. You can read the markings on the back using luminous ink contact lenses or any other cards reader kit. Without having to remember a code, you can easily recognize each card value. And, best of all, there is no need to rethink as the card value can be read directly.

Copag Cards

COPAG Cards are regarded as the best in the world by players who know their card games. Copag Sets are made from 100% PVC and should last 20-50 times longer than paper cards.

COPAG Cards are resistant to bending or tearing. Copag cards will return to their original form, making them perfect for games such as Texas Hold’em. Copag 100% Plastic Playing Cards will not be compromised by normal gaming conditions. These cards are made to last!! !

Copag marked cards


Copag marked cards for contact lenses

Copag marked card for contact lenses with invisible ink to read are the most popular marked cards in the world. Why do most people use Copag marked lenses? There are a few reasons.

1. Contact lenses and Copag marked cards are easy to use

Copag marked cards are easy to use. Wearing invisible ink lenses allows you to see invisible marks on cards’ backs. These marks are not visible with the naked eye, so you know in advance the poker face when the cards are turned down.

2. Copag marked cards, contact lenses and other products are economical

The Copag marked cards are less expensive than the poker analyzer. The Copag marked cards are a good choice if you only play one poker game fixed or you’re looking for a poker cheating device that is economical.

Copag marked cards to poker analyzer

Barcode marked cards are also known as Copag marked cards. Barcode marked cards have marks on all four edges.

Poker analyzer, poker scanner, and mini earpiece are required to work together with Copag barcode marked card. All models of Copag Cards can be converted into barcode marked and have a very good result.

IR Copag marked cards for IR camera

The IR Copag marked card for IR cameras is similar to marked cards used for contact lenses. They all have invisible marks printed on the back, but they use different inks to mark them. This means that they require different readers for invisible ink.

Copag IR marked Cards are printed using IR invisible ink that can only be seen with an IR camera. They are safe to use at Casinos, Poker Clubs, Home Games.


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