Uv Invisible Ink Contact Lenses That See Ink Marked Cards

The invisible ink contact lenses is the special contact lens to view Poker cards that have invisible ink marks at the back. also named UV contact lenses, They can be used with any brand of UV marked cards.

Many customers worry that the UV invisible ink contact lenses that can see invisible ink will be seen by others if they are wearing luminous ink contact lenses. Many customers want transparent UV contact lenses to cheat on playing cards. Is it possible to find transparent UV invisible ink contact lenses?

poker UV contact lens

What makes invisible ink contact lenses special?
The invisible ink contact lenses are different to the ones you normally wear. Our invisible contact lenses have a special pupil that allows you to see UV or IR marked cards. The poker contact lenses we offer are so perfect and great that they cover only your pupil and can be used for any eye color. You can still see your marks clearly, as they won’t change the color of the lenses. It is difficult for others to guess. Our contact lenses will be very useful for magicians and poker players. You won’t be hindered from playing or performing during the show. You can even see the suit and number of the marked cards.


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