Bee Casino Quality Playing Cards For Cheating

Casino quality club special bee playing cards are ideal for all your favorite card games. You can play solitaire, rummy, and poker. These Bee playing cards are durable and plastic coated so you don’t have to settle for poor quality. These standard-sized, diamond-back cards have a poker 92 cambric look. Made in the USA.

Bee Casino Quality Playing CardsBee Playing Cards is a special brand of casino cards.  In 1892, the New York Consolidated Card Company produced the first poker cards. The Ace of Spades number “92”, which appears on the Playing card, is a result of this. Two years later, USPCC bought the company. This is typically either blue or red. Casinos often use customized Bee Cards with a logo on their backs. Bee cards are borderless. This allows the card’s face, unlike Bicycle cards, to be easily seen. This makes it easy to do “bottom-dealing” and other types of sleight-of-hand.


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