What Are Marked Playing Cards?

Marked playing cards are a popular topic among avid card players and magicians alike. In this article, we will delve into what playing cards marked are, their various types, how they are marked, and their legality.

What Are Marked Playing Cards

What Are Marked Playing Cards?

Best marked playing cards are regular decks of playing cards with subtle marks or symbols on their backs that are not visible to the naked eye. These markings allow the user to identify the value and suit of a card discreetly, giving them a significant advantage in card games or magic tricks.

Types of Marked Playing Cards:

a) Infrared Marked Cards: These cards are marked with special ink that is only visible when using marked playing cards contact lenses or marked playing cards with glasses. They are often used in private poker games.

b) Barcode Marked Cards: A series of barcodes is hidden on the card backs, which can be scanned with poker cheating device to reveal the card’s value and suit.

c) Luminous Marked Cards: These cards have markings visible only under specific lighting conditions, such as UV or blacklight. They are popular among magicians for dazzling performances.

How Are They Marked?

Marked deck of playing cards are typically marked using specialized inks, invisible to the human eye. Some methods include printing, tinting, or using tiny symbols, letters, or numbers that are strategically placed on the card backs. These markings can be customized based on the user’s preferences.

The Legality of Marked Playing Cards:

The use of marked deck playing cards is generally considered unethical and illegal in most casinos and card games. Cheating in card games can lead to serious consequences, including expulsion and legal actions. However, the legality may vary by location, so it is crucial to understand local laws and regulations.


Marked plastic playing cards offer a distinct advantage to those who use them, but their use is unethical and illegal in most gaming scenarios. It is essential to play fair and maintain the integrity of card games, as cheating can lead to severe consequences. While marked playing cards for sale are fascinating from a technological perspective, their use should be discouraged to ensure fair play and maintain the spirit of competition in card games.

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