How much do you know about weighted dice set for cheating ?

If you’ve ever wanted to play a game of craps or perform magic tricks, you’ll want to learn how to load dice. Using a pair of loaded dice, you can ensure that the number you desire will appear more often than with standard dice. To achieve this, you will need professionally loaded dice!
Professionally loaded dice can be used to help players get the highest possible points. These dice come with trick numbers and are weighted to increase certain outcomes.

Weighted Dice Set on Sale

We are proud to present the best-loaded dice for you. We offer a variety of high-quality loaded dice such as loaded Bike trick dice, 7-11 casino custom loaded dice, loaded Las Vegas transparent weighted dies, loaded polyhedral and ,. For a complete list of loaded dice sets, and loaded d20 dice please contact us.

How are professionally loaded dice made?

The technically loaded dice are made from two high-quality dice. They are then reconstituted to be the same size as the original dice. To achieve the desired result, these loaded dice can be landed in a particular direction. To make the dice, you add a little bit to the number. This will increase the weight of the dot’s side. In the game, gravity will cause the weight to face down, and the user will see the specific number face up. This will allow the user to increase the number of times that they want to appear in the game. If the owner wishes for the dot 3 more often, then we will add something to the 4 sides. This will make the 3 sides appear more often during rolling.

How to set Weighted dice?

Weighted dice can also be called loaded dice, gravity dice, and fixed-number dice. You can customize the weighted dice to meet your specific needs. You can either make dice with one number or two or three trick numbers. Multiple numbers can be used to make the same number appear at the same time, which reduces the possibility of you being accused of repeatedly throwing one number. These numbers must be adjacent to one another on the dice, so numbers 13, 12, 56, and 123 are allowed. Numbers 3 and 4 cannot make different numbers with the same chance. Numbers 3 and 4 are prohibited because they are opposites. Numbers 256 and 5 are also forbidden. It is allowed, however, to contain 16, 25, but not 2.

OUR cheat dice with high security

The safety of cheating dice is not easy to find is very necessary! Professional loaded dice look the same as regular casino dice. The dice’s original appearance, size, and weight are not altered by us. We take one part of each dice and process them. Then we use special tools to combine the parts. It is impossible to see the stitching on the outside, but you can rest assured.

We recommend buying matching, clean regular dice for when you are customizing your dice. You will be questioned if you throw the same number of dice every time.

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