X-ray Contact Lenses Perspective Palying Cards Poker cheating

X-ray contact lenses Poker is a very popular device for cheating poker, wear x-ray contact lenses, and you will clearly see the marks on the back.

In recent years, X-ray contact lenses have become very popular. There are a number of marker card tools that allow you to see the back of your marker cards. This is why people choose X-ray contact lenses over UV contact lenses and infrared poker cameras.

X-ray Contact Lenses
X-ray contact lenses are specially marked snap-in contact lenses. They work with any playing card marked with X-ray ink. It is also known as one-to-one marking card or contact lens. What is one-on-one? This means that X-ray ink-marked cards can only be seen with X-ray contact lenses. Other poker cheating lenses, such as contact lenses, glow in the dark sunglasses, and infrared poker cameras, cannot see hidden markings on X-ray poker cards. Contact lenses with X-rays can be used to cheat at poker games such as blackjack, Texas hold’em, and Omaha. These contact lenses allow you to see the suit and value of each card right after wearing them. It is more secure than any other tagged card reader because it only has one function.
Looking for a professional X-ray contact lens manufacturer, GPT is your best choice for selling x-ray lens for playing cards.


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