poker scanner watch For Barcode Cards Reader

A wristwatch poker scanning camera is a kind of poker cheating device, which is used to scan invisible ink barcode cards.

A watch with a poker scanner looks like any other. They are the same. The watch dial or clasp usually houses a poker camera reader. Many watches can be used with different poker cameras. The scanning range of the barcode card camera varies from 20cm to 40cm, or from 5cm to 15cm. You can also customize the distance. The watch poker camera’s battery lasts about an hour and is easy to replace, too.

Multifunctional poker scanning watch

Using scanner camera we can convert any watch into a watch. There are many brands of watches available for your convenience. You might be wondering if there is any difference between a regular watch and one with a built-in camera. It is not. Not only does it perform the same functions as a regular watch, but it also helps you identify invisible barcodes on cards. One of the most important parts of a camera is the lens. It is responsible for determining image size quality and distance between scanners (or playing cards).

How to apply scanning camera to poker game?

You can wear the watch while playing poker. The watch camera will scan the invisible barcode on the card. It sends data or images to the poker range calculator. The calculator will analyze the data and display the results on your smartphone. Results can be viewed on your wireless spy headset.
If you’re punctual and a poker fan, a watch scanner camera is a good investment.

Both Poker Analyzer and Poker Camera are cheating poker devices. Poker Camera disguises itself as a little thing on the table to check the shot value. You can combine it with Poker Analyzer to significantly increase your win rate at the casino. come and get it.

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