UV invisible ink contact lenses see invisible markers in poker game

Wearing this invisible ink contact lens, you can see invisible markers very clearly, plus, it won’t change the color of your eyes, so when you use the glow-in-the-dark contact lenses and markers during a poker game or a magic show When playing cards, it won’t get attention.

UV marks are transparent but fluorescent. They can only be seen under ultraviolet light. How can we see invisible UV marks in cards? The modern technology allows us to see the invisible UV invisible mark thanks to the UV invisible ink contact lenses.

After wearing the contact lenses, there are no differences between normal and marked card lenses. We offer a variety of UV-invisible contact lenses. You can pick the one that suits you best.

A pair of high-quality invisible ink contact lenses are very good for your poker cheating and magic tricks. The high-quality contact lenses won’t hurt your eyes, and also can see the marked cards very clearly, and which can work with any brand of UV-marked cards.

Invisible ink contact lenses are special contact lenses to view playing cards with invisible ink marks on the back of the card. They are also named infrared contact lenses.

Besides, contact lenses are in direct contact with the eyes, so we will offer you professional instructions to teach and show you how to wear and store the lenses.

Contact lenses with UV invisible ink are a useful tool for cheating in poker games.

What are the benefits of cheating cards lenses?
There are no frames that can block your vision. Contact lenses won’t block your vision when you play poker or magic. It’s not easy to be noticed by others. It doesn’t clash with your clothes. Contact lenses are not affected by weather and will not fog up in colder weather. It’s more convenient than glasses.

Poker invisible contact lenses are a magic tool for magicians.
Magic tool for magicians: Poker invisible contact lenses
UV invisible ink contact lenses are the perfect companion for poker fans and magicians.


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