Professional Remote Control Dice Cheating Device

Remote Control Dice is a popular Dice Cheating Device, has often been used in casino cheating or some magic shows.

Remote control dice often consists of a remote control board, controller, and a processed die. To achieve the best performance, they must all work together. You can control the number of dice using this special dice. This wireless dice is used extensively in magic shows and dice gaming.

What is the working principle of this remote control dice Magnetic currents and magnets with the same polarity repel one another, while magnetic currents of different polarities attract one another. The magnetic poles repel each other so strongly that the magnet with the stronger magnet will float above the one with weaker magnet. This principle is used to control how many dice are used.

remote control dice.

The common dice are made into wireless dice when we add some lead powder to them. A dice with lead powder is not enough to control. A special board is also required. The board and the remote control dice work in the same way as two magnets. The board will come with magnet coils. These magnet coils are controlled by a remote control, which is used to alter the magnetic field on the board. The controlling board can be ordered in different sizes. You can choose the size that suits your needs.

The controller can be used to control cheating dice even from far away. You should place the controller under the table you are using to play dices if you want better control. The remote control can only alter two numbers on the cheating device, and these numbers are often opposite (1&6, 2,&5, 3,&4). This remote control dice will turn 1. The negative button will turn to 6. The same goes for the other numbers. It’s very simple to operate, isn’t it?

Attention must be paid to one thing. The number of dice on the board will not change if your dices aren’t there. Without one of these three units, the other two won’t work. If wireless dices are lost, you can’t exchange them for regular dices that can be bought in some shops.


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