Poker cheating glasses see through marked cards in gambling

Poker cheating glasses are an essential poker cheating device, often used in casinos, also known as gambling glasses, combined with poker cheating cards can get a high winning rate.

Since many years, poker cheating glasses has been one of the most useful tools for poker reading. By wearing the glasses, the users can clearly see the markings on the backs of the playing cards. Poker cheating glasses are infrared contact lens and perspective sunglasses. Special sunglasses should not be worn if you have sensitive eyes.

What are perspective poker cheating glasses?

This is a pair or altered sunglasses that can filter out the green light and permit you to see marks on cards. Also known as infrared glasses.

Their functions are very similar to infrared contact lens. The perspective sunglasses are easier to maintain. Simply place them in the case and cover with a soft cloth. They can be removed and put on at any time and anywhere. Contact lenses should be kept in clean water. Before you put them on, you need to wash your hands.

poker cheating glasses to see  invisible ink marked cards 

In order to detect invisible ink marks on poker cheat cards, poker cheating glasses are often used. The glasses also have good concealment, similar to infrared contact lenses. The glasses look just like ordinary sunglasses. The glasses are not cheating devices on wow, so they ‘t even notice. poker cheating glasses have a good ability to read marks even from a distance. This cheating device is easy to use and players can win at poker gambling without much practice.
For marked playing cards, poker cheating glasses can be purchased. They are made with invisible ink and have a back that is translucent. The marks are usually composed of numbers and suits. The marks can be seen when wearing special glasses. The special glasses allow players to see the marks even when the cards are not face-down. This can aid them in making the right decision in gambling.

It is common to have poker cheating glasses in a casino. To prevent opponents from reading their micro expressions, players will wear sunglasses when gambling. Professional players can read the micro expressions of their opponents to determine if they have a good or bad hand. Our invisible ink poker glasses allow players to conceal their facial expressions and detect the ink marks on poker cards, if you need, please contact us.


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