PK playing cards analyzer device to cheat in poker games

Model: PK series
Scanning distance: 20-40 cm
Matched marked cards
Barcode marked deck

PK poker playing cards analyzer, which is a useful device to cheat in poker games, has a large market share.

You have many options for PK card analyzers like PK 518 and PK S508, as well as PK 718 and PK S708, which are all available to you. In 2018, the PK 718 poker analyzer can play 5 games, more than any other device, including Texas Hold’em and Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Golden Flush and Ronda. The PK playing cards analyzer helps users reduce their chances of losing by showing them the results.

The PK playing cards analyzer has a dual camera lens that can read barcode cards up to twice as wide as the previous generations. The device can quickly and accurately read the cards, regardless of whether it is facing up or down. The PK S708 latest device features a P5 Bluetooth power amplifier that can make the reporting sound clearer, even from far away. Remote control of the dual lens can be done via remote control for the PK playing card analyzer.

Our PK poker playing cards analyzer has several program settings. You can read poker cards one-by-one or report poker results directly. The first winner, second winner, or rank of each hand are all possible. A mini spy earpiece allows users to hear the reporting sound clearly. Because the earpieces are smaller, it produces less electrical noise. Users can hear the reporting voice clearly through the mini spy earpiece. Normal earpieces will not be able to hear this playing card analyzer’s reporting.

The newest PK playing card analyzer comes with a built-in camera that scans invisible barcodes playing cards. It can also read cards up to 70 cm in range, with a reporting time of just 0.1 seconds.

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