PK S708 poker Analyzer in Marked Playing Cards

Model:PK S708 poker analyzer
No. of game: 3 games
Scanning distance:20-80 cm
Scanning deck:2 decks

The PK S708 poker analyzer was introduced to the market in 2017 as the most recent model. It is always one product from the PK King series of cheating cards.

The S708 playing card analyzer has a more elegant design than earlier models, such as the S518 poker card analyzer. This calculator analyzer app works the same way as traditional PK marked card analyzers. It can access 5 poker games, including Texas Hold’em and Omaha 4 cards as well as Omaha 5 cards as well as Russian Seca, Flush, Flush, and Texas Hold’em.

The Advantage of PK King S708 poker hand Analyzer in English Version

The majority of poker analyzer apps can be accessed in English to satisfy most players’ requirements since English is the primary language worldwide. It refers to the language used by the person who reports the results. The PK 708 scanning analyzer reports poker games’ results and winning hands in English. There is an alternative device that will provide the same results for those who do not understand English.

The Bluetooth smart watch with time mode, which includes a spy earpiece, is a good option for those who want to secretly see their poker results. It works in time mode and can tell the time even if there are no games. It is just a smartwatch.

There are approximately 60 languages you can choose from when setting up your phone’s language. It’s easy to choose the right one. We also have instructions to help you show it. It’s a normal smartphone. You can change the language to make it more local.

The scanner camera built into the phone analyzer in PK S708 has a far scanning distance. This is one of its greatest advantages. This local poker camera scans a wider range of 30 to 80 cm, which is significantly more than any other smartphone analyzer.


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