Newest remote control dice gambling cheating

Our newest remote control dice will always win casino games. You know exactly what number will be produced so you can get exactly the dice points you need!

Items: Remote control tricks dice
Color: Dark Brown & Light Brown
Size:10*10cm, 30*30cm, 50*50cm



Electronic dice boards are an essential part of the remote control dice system and can make a huge difference in players’ chances to win dice games.

 How to control remote control dice

You can mount it on the table’s underside. This electronic dice board works by pressing the buttons on the remote controller. When the electronic dice board detects the positive and negative remote dice, it will cause them to jump to the number you desire. The dice game results will be more precise if you move closer to the center of the board.

You can buy a variety of sizes, including 10x10cm, 30x30cm, 50x50cm, and so forth. Also, you can customize your remote control dice table with an electronic boar


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