Marked Cards Contact Lenses read poker cheat Cards

marked cards contact lenses are special contact lenses that can see cards marked with invisible ink. These special infrared contacts are very sensitive and are the perfect partner for us to mark playing cards!

These IR Marked Cards Contact Lenses allow you to see the bottom markings of our treated marking cards very clearly. Our marked playing card contact lenses are able to see all invisible ink markings on playing cards. These can sometimes be glowing light marks or dark juice marks that are not visible to the naked eye.

Human eye color distribution varies by place of residence and population size. Blue eyes are more common in Western Europe than in Spain. However, American eyes are overwhelmingly British or French in color. Sometimes we ask clients about their eye color and where they are from. Before our customers place an order, we need to make sure they know which contact lenses are best for their eyes.

Contact lenses with dark brown eyes can see marked cards well. However, they may not be the best choice for light-colored eyes, as they can make light-colored eyes appear darker than their natural color. It is important to wear professional contact lenses for playing cards with branded cards.

The best contact lenses are for people who want to see clearly.

Professional infrared contact lenses are a good option for people with very dark eyes who want to play poker safely and easily.

Invisible contact lenses are used to mark playing cards. Their lifespan is similar to that of regular contact lenses. Contact lenses that last longer are usually more expensive than less expensive contact lenses.

However, no matter your origin, no matter your eye color, you’ll find a marker poker contact lens that’s right for you right here!

Marked cards contact lenses

Infrared and UV Contact Lenses


The Contact Lenses marking card is not used to refer to a specific product. Instead, it refers only to contact lenses that can detect invisible markings on playing cards. These shots can be used for magic tricks or cheating detection.

IR and UV contact lenses are marked here. Infrared contact lenses are very popular among poker players. Many friends may ask “Are your contact lenses IR or UV?” It doesn’t matter if you only need contact lenses to see the invisible luminous markings on marked playing cards.
The contact lens of the tagged card is used to read the tagged card back. Simple to use.




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