marked cards contact lenses to see invisible ink marks poker game

How to see invisible ink, marked cards contact lenses is your best choice.

Do you want to make a perfect magic show before your friends or perform perfectly in a poker game? Have you used a marked deck of cards? Do you want to know the suits and numbers of the cards when the poker cards face down? Wearing the marked cards contact lenses is a useful and mysterious method. Because the infrared contact lenses can help you see the clear and luminous ink marks on the back of the invisible ink marked cards. We also call the marked playing cards contact lenses as invisible ink contact lenses or luminous contact lenses. They are good to see marked cards for magic in performance shows for fun.

How do Infrared marked cards Contact Lenses work?

Infrared contact lenses can detect the back marks on each marked playing card. How? How? Our technicians will process a wearable filter that can read IR and UV marked card information. This is how infrared contact lens for reading marked cards works.

What can infrared contact lens wearers see?

you can see clearly the suit and luminous ink number in your eyes. The surrounding environment and opponents can also be clearly seen. You can keep your original eye color even if you wear contacts. Your contact lenses are invisible to the naked eye. This aspect shows security.


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