Magic Professional Dice for Cheating Device

Magic dice, a cheating device that can be controlled and roll a pip you want.

We provide customers with customized services such as marker cards, Infrared Contact Lenses and other casino Poker Cheating Devices, Oem/odm services, you can contact us if you need anything

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On most of time, God of Gamblers is actually more dependent on equipment, not skills.

For example, if you want to win in casino game, marked cards products can help you; and if you want to success in dice game, magic tricks dice is good choice for you.

Fixed dice is also called gravity dice. Fixed dice means that you can always get the pips you choose no matter how many times you throw it.

According to the needs of customers, we can process one, two and three sides of the dice. But most of the customer just needs one side to be fixed. For example, if you want to get 5 pips, then we would dig out a little hole in the opposite side of 5, and fill with iron powder, and because of the gravity effect, side of 5 will always be upwards. And, if you want two of number are fixed, then we would dig out the interface of this two faces and the chance you get these two numbers is equal.

So, if you want to be the God of dice betting game, this magic tricks gravity dice is reliable for you to rely on.

Magic Dice is a common method in casino cheating equipment, through a certain skill you can roll the number you want.

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