High-quality luminous Contact lenses Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards

Luminous ink contact lenses are a type of invisible ink reader, which can see invisible ink on the back of marked cards.

Contact lenses infrared luminous ink reader can be used to see clearly the markings on UV and IR marked cards.

Why the luminous ink contact lenses can see the invisible ink-marked cards? The secret is in the purple part of the contact lenses. The purple part will help the eyes to receive the IR light that human beings can not receive themselves. And the reflection light of invisible ink that is marked on the back of the playing cards is a kind of IR light, so people can use luminous ink marked cards contact lenses to see the invisible ink marks.

Our high-quality luminous ink contact lenses are suitable for any color’s eyes.

Perhaps some infrared luminous ink contact lenses for playing cards users are worried that infrared vision luminous ink contact lenses will change the color of their eyes. Since the pupil dot diameter of humans is small, a small infrared perspective marked vo playing cards will help you contact l all this anxiety, they will not change the eyes color of users and performs perfectly seeing the marks.


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