LD poker scanner winner analyzer At Poker Cheat Cards

Model: LD poker analyzer
Scanning distance: 20-40 cm

Aplication: Poker Cheat Cards
Origin: China
Scanning deck 2 decks
No. of game 3 games Scanning camera 1 camera


LD poker analyzer is a type of poker analyzer. It can be used as both a poker scanner and a poker winner analyzer, to predict the suits and numbers of poker cheat cards to ensure winning.

The LD phone analyzer, which is one of the most popular anti-poker analyzers, is very popular with poker players and magicians. You can use it to settle for various poker games like Texas Holdem and Omaha, Blackjack, and Seka.

This LD poker scanning analyzer has a fixed focal length lens. The scanning distance of the camera is between 20-40 cm. You can also use an external scanner camera to scan distances that are not within your scanning range. Importantly, the signal can only be transmitted at a specific frequency. This means that only your spy earpiece will receive the output of the analyzer. A remote control is available to allow you to add or remove players from the game.

Despite its amazing coding software and advanced production technology, the cost of the LD poker scanning analyzer is very affordable. It is a great tool for magicians and poker players. It is a masterpiece.


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