juice deck marked Cards

A juice deck marked Cards is a marked poker deck that uses luminous invisible ink. It is widely used in poker games around the world.

Juice decks are a variety of shade techniques. They require low lighting to be read, can best be seen from a distance, and sometimes require special glasses.

These juice deck marked Cards were marked with a special juice formula. These cards can be used for magic tricks. They can be seen up to 15 feet away. These cards can be difficult to read so you will need to learn how to read them. To see these markings, it can take up to an hour or more. It is almost impossible to see these markings from a distance, as they are difficult to see. It was amazing how easy it was for me to identify the number of these cards when they were first shown to me. I took about two hours to learn how to read them once I had learned how. These cards have been with me for around a year now and the light marks are as visible as neon signs. The instructions for reading and using these cards are included. The infamous riffle test cannot be used to detect these cards. It is difficult to see these cards even with close inspection and bright light. These cards can be seen without the use of special glasses or other devices. You don’t even have to look at them in an unusual way. Experts use cards like this because the marks are difficult to see unless they are known. The markings are placed carefully on the card to make them difficult to see. Each card is marked with 13 types of markings. You will find detailed instructions and photos showing how to spot the marks, as well as information about the number of marks. The decks look new. These decks can easily be passed around and inspected before any game or show. Do not be deceived by the other sellers who have these cards and their desperate efforts to make their decks look great. We use the finest “juice” to mark cards and the easiest and most effective marking patterns.

juice deck marked cards


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