Invisible Ink Glasses to see Poker Invisible Ink marking

Invisible ink glasses will make the invisible ink markings on the playing cards very clear when worn. Poker players can read the back of the marker cards and learn the suit and number of each card.

How do you see invisible ink with glasses?

You can buy invisible ink glasses in our marked card shop to see marked cards clearly. It functions in the same way as invisible ink contact lenses. The invisible ink glasses can be worn by anyone. Once you have the clear glasses on, the ink magic marking ink will appear on the back of each marked card. You can use it to see normal environments. People with the invisible ink glasses are acting normally. People can see everything as clearly as with normal glasses. This includes marked cards, regardless of the weather conditions, and even white light or black light.

Infrared sunglasses are a good choice if the ink type is infrared. Invisible markings can still be seen with sunglasses on.

This ink can be used for anti-counterfeiting and anti-gambling. One-to-One Invisible Ink is available now. These include Blu-ray Invisible Ink. You will need the appropriate glasses to view the invisible ink.

You can use UV Invisible Ink lenses to detect invisible ink on marking cards. These will make you fall in love and read the ink marks. Only infrared invisible ink glasses can see the infrared ink on the marker card. UV sunglasses are able to read infrared ink.


Infrared sunglasses have always been a popular choice for reading poker cards. We now offer stylish infrared sunglasses that read invisible ink.

The new infrared sunglasses are just like regular sunglasses. You don’t need to worry about being discovered by others. You can also wear infrared sunglasses outdoors without any harm to your eyes. Combine infrared sunglasses with a glowing ink sign. Infrared Sunglasses are visible on the back of the sign. However, the markings are not visible to the naked eye.



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