invisible ink glasses To See Invisible ink For Poker Cheating

Items: UV invisible ink glasses for sale
Color: Black & White & Red & Brown
Material: Plastic & Metal
Life Span: over 2 years
Application: Blackjack, Omaha, Texas Holdem, Magic Shows

If you’re in the market for top-notch UV marked card glasses that can detect invisible ink, then our luminous ink UV invisible ink glasses to see invisible ink are an ideal choice. Made with cutting-edge sunglasses technology, these invisible ink glasses Are A Step ahead of Traditional Infrared Ink Glasses userd to read Marked Cards. The uv file is molded into the lens, ensuring the grasses maintain their ori GINAL APPEARANCE and Are Undetectable. With the Magic Ultraviolet Invisible Ink Glasses, You’ll Be Able to Clearly read the markings on the backs of invisible ink playing cards, no matter the setting. When equipped with these ultraviolet-marked playing card glasses, you’ll have the advantage in any playing card game and have a greater chance of making a successful bet.

It is possible to mark playing cards using invisible ink. Poker cheating cards can be marked and see at any time. You can also customize your marks with magic UV ink, and invisible markings can be made by using stabs or the UV ink pen.

You can use UV contact lenses to detect ink on marked cards. These contacts will make you fall in love and be able to read the ink. Only infrared contacts lenses can see infrared ink on marked cards. UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses are capable of reading infrared ink.


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