Invisible Ink Contact Lenses Cheating Ink Marked Cards Reader

Invisible contact lenses are specially made for reading marked cards and are part of a playing card reader kit. Invisible ink contact lenses can be used to cheat poker.


What are Invisible Ink Contact Lenses and How Do They Work?

Invisible Ink Lenses can be used as a cheating device in poker games or magic shows to read cheating cards. The invisible ink contact lenses are classified as IR/UV poker lenses based on the luminous ink used to mark cheating cards. Only with these lenses are invisible marks on marked cards visible. It serves the same purpose as infrared glasses but has been made more convenient and attractive.

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

invisible ink contact lenses are used to read the ink marks on the back of the marking playing card, so it is important to have a clear definition. We offer many types of contact lenses that can see invisible ink to meet your needs. Because they are so easy to use, luminous ink contact lenses and sunglasses are the most sought-after items. It is important to understand how to choose the right invisible contact lenses. It’s a valuable lesson.

What’s so special about invisible ink contact lense?

It is not the same as your regular contacts. Our invisible contact lenses have a special pupil that allows you to see UV and IR-marked playing cards. Poker contact lenses are perfect because they only cover the pupils of your eyes and are suitable for all eye colors. You can clearly see the marks and they won’t change your eyes color. It makes it difficult for others to suspect. Our contact lenses will be very useful for magicians and poker players. They won’t hinder you from participating in the game or performing any other tasks. These cards are so magical that you can actually see the suit and number of the marked ones.

When you use invisible ink contact lenses to see the invisible markings on marked decks. You should choose the right color IR contact lenses. Different colors have different effects. The luminous marks that you can see are more obvious if you wear a darker color. Lighter IR contact lenses are easier to see than invisible marked cards.
If they aren’t light colored, it is possible that your invisible ink contacts lenses need to be adjusted. Continue to test it several times. Contact us if you still have trouble seeing the luminous marks.

Do not waste your time looking at other stores! We can provide the best and most affordable invisible ink contact lenses for you, my dear friends!



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