Invisible Ink Contact Lenses for poker cheat cards marked

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses prove to be the absolute solution for reading invisible ink marks on cheat cards. These contact lenses will not discolor or harm your eyes, even after hours.

Invisible Ink Lenses can be used as a cheating device in poker games or magic shows to read cheating cards. The invisible ink contact lenses are classified as IR/UV poker lenses based on the luminous ink used to mark cheating cards. Only with these lenses are invisible marks on marked cards visible. It serves the same purpose as infrared glasses but has been made more convenient and attractive.

GPT invisible contact lenses have a simpler function than normal contacts. They are able to read the luminous marks on the back of cheating cards, which is a fundamental difference from regular contact lenses. Our invisible ink contacts can also provide significant improvement for refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. Our special customization service can make your vision corrections possible.

invisible contact lenses

Invisible Ink Contact lenses are invisible ink readers. They can read invisible ink from marked cards. Invisible Ink Contact lenses are suitable for all eye colors.

This version of Invisible Ink Contact lenses allows you to see invisible marks clearly. It won’t alter the color of your eyes so it won’t be noticed when you use it during poker games or magic shows.

This contact lens is a useful tool that can be used to cheat or prevent cheating. It is timeless. It is possible to get high-quality anti-seize contacts lenses.


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