Invisible Ink Clear Glasses to Detect Marked Playing Cards

Invisible ink clear glasses which are a pair of clear sunglasses with invisible ink can use to read secret marked playing cards.People can’t see invisible ink with their naked eyes. Only special infrared filters are able to distinguish it. To see the invisible ink marks on marked cards, the luminous ink glasses have red filters in the lenses of their sunglasses. They can also hide your mood and stop the opponent from reading your information during the game.


The magic tools of poker, the invisible ink clear glasses, are loved by many poker players. They can be used to see magic marks on cards.

What do you know about invisible ink glass?

Invisible ink (also known as security ink) is a type of ink that is used to write. It is invisible upon application and soon afterward, but can later be visible using some means. This is clear, there’s a safer, easier, and more secure way.

We can refer to glasses as eyewear, which is used as an auxiliary tool for people who need to see clearly.

You can buy invisible ink clear glasses in our marked card shop to see marked cards clearly. It functions in the same way as invisible ink contact lenses. The invisible ink clear glasses can be worn by anyone. Once you have the glasses on, the ink will appear on each marked deck. You can use it to see normal environments. People with invisible ink clear glasses are acting normally. People can see everything as clearly as with normal glasses. This includes marked cards, regardless of the weather conditions, and even white light or black light.

We have many brands and models of invisible ink clear glasses. Ray-ban, Oakley, Aviator, and many other brands are available. Ray-ban fans can also choose the corresponding invisible ink clear glasses. Some people will worry about how to find the right glasses for their faces. Similar concerns will be experienced by some people when they try to find the right color glasses to wear to mark cards. However, this is not something that should be overlooked. Congratulations! All your dream glasses are available in our online store. You can buy all your dreams clear invisible ink glasses to see marked cards online. Amazing!


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