Sale Infrared Contacts For marked deck of cards lenses

IR contact lenses are also known as invisible ink contact lenses, marked cards contact lenses, and so on. They are crucial in poker cheating. While regular contact lenses can be used to correct vision, special infrared lenses are available.

Infrared contacts are a kind of poker cheating device, also known as invisible ink contact lenses, marked card contact lenses, etc. Usually paired with Infrared marked cards, which are crucial in poker cheating.

Infrared contact lenses are special lenses that can be used in to detect invisible ink marks. It won’t alter your eyes’ color, and it is not different from normal contact lenses. We have developed lenses to suit all eye colors. If you have any special requirements, we can also customize your poker contact lenses. You can order contact lenses from us with no worries because our infrared lenses are just like regular contact lenses. The price is favorable.

Poker skill is vital for poker players. However, Infrared contacts are poker cheating tools that are even more effective and important than poker skills in poker games. You can use it to detect marked playing cards and infrared contact lenses.

Infrared Contacts

How do I use different price-infrared contacts to view marked cards?

Safety is better than looking through the lenses

This is the easiest way to increase your chances of winning in poker.

It is more effective to have marked cards

You can use it for any type of poker game

Seeking Contact Lenses for sale or wholesale. Contact lenses that have built-in readers for glow-in-the dark ink are not just any lenses. The markings on the card can be clearly read by poker palyer, but the naked eye cannot, contact   us.

How can you determine the quality of infrared contacts?

  • Infrared contact lens moisture is directly related to how comfortable you are wearing them.
  • High oxygen permeability infrared contacts will increase your wear comfort. The higher the oxygen permeability, the better.
  • It is likely that the quality of the luminous marked cards is poor if you cannot see them clearly using infrared contacts readers.
  • The quality of an infrared contact lens is directly affected by the technology used and the safety of the materials used.
  • If you take good care of your IR contact lenses, they can last a lifetime.



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