GPT Poker Scanner Camera System – Poker cheat Analyzer For playing cards

Sophisticated poker scanners for sale that work with button scan cameras. This advanced gambling cheating device is multifunctional in nature, the card detector can easily be worn under a dress shirt, remaining completely discreet and undetectable

How do you use the GPT Poker Scanner system?

We will first ask you questions about your poker game and what you require to play them.

The entire GPT Poker Scanner System includes:

  1. An analyzer-equipped cell phone
  2. Barcode playing cards
  3. Micro headphone

Before the game starts, select the game that you want to play, connect to the barcode scanner camera and choose the type of outcome. Click the button to begin the game. The poker camera will automatically scan the cards after the dealer has shuffled the cards and placed them on the table. The micro-headphone will then scan the cards and give you the best hand using the marked cards analyzer.

GPT poker scanner annalyzer system

What does the poker scanner show you?

To tell you the result of a cell phone call, there are many accessories that can be used with it, including a vibrator, micro-headphone and vibrator. These accessories allow users to know the results of poker games. The micro headphones can be used to hear the poker results within 0.1 seconds. Users can also feel the vibrator shaking to determine the poker results. The cell phone also has the ability to display the result in time mode.

The GPT poker scanner system can calculate the winning hands of poker players. It is extremely secretive and secure.

The newest GPT poker analyze uses the most advanced technology. This is why it is difficult for anyone to identify the poker scanner system during poker games. Our poker scanner system’s price is very affordable so don’t be afraid if you don’t have the budget.

The GPT poker scanner can be used in many poker games to increase winning chances, such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, Baccarat Blackjack, Flush, Seca, Baccarat, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em and Baccarat.


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