Fournier 2818 Infrared Marked Playing Cards Contact Lenses

Fournier 2818 infrared marked playing cards, made using original Fournier cards, get more different edges in a poker game. 100 percent plastic material.

Fournier 2818 Infrared Marked Poker Contact Lens can be used to cheat in poker. These lenses are equipped with advanced infrared technology that allows them to read symbols and marks on cards marked with 18 infra2 rays.

Fournier is a famous Spain brand of playing cards and we can promise all of our Fournier 2818 contact lenses marked cards were marked with invisible ink by original cards. Fournier 2818 marking playing cards have 6 colors red and blue, pink and brown, orange and green. It doesn’t like the other Fournier cards with a paper box for out-packing.

Fournier 2818 contact lenses marked cards have a simple pattern on the back. In this case, it is easier when we mix and adjust the luminous ink. Because the more complete cards, the ink is more difficult to adjust as we need to consider how to avoid the card qualitative change. In order to have a better effect under different types of marked cards contact lenses, we always recommend our customers mark the cards with big marks in the middle and red cards with dark marks, while blue cards with bright marks. However, if you have other special requirements, we also can mark cards as small marks on four corners or mini marks in the white line. Please don’t be hesitate to contact us in advance if you have special customers.

As the most professional marker card manufacturer in China, the marker cards we produce are concise and easy to be detected by magicians. Each marker card has a mark of suitable size. This mark is fully concealed and mysterious. Invisible to the average person, this is what our marker card looks normal, nothing different.

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