Da Vinci Playing CardS For Poker Cheating

Brand: Da Vinci playing cards
Size: Poker size
Color: Red & blue
Included 52 cards + 2 Jokers
Application: Poker cheat, magic show

Da Vinci playing cards with cheating marks is difficult. Our company has perfected the deceitful and misleading Da Vinci cheating marks technology. Other players may not be able to detect and realize the markings on the obverse side of poker. They are often hidden. They are completely preserved with all their original features and characteristics. These cheat poker decks can be viewed with cheat poker readers such as sunglasses or luminous ink contact lenses.

da Vinci playing cards

Da Vinci’s 100% plastic cards imported from Italy have beautiful graphics and are art pieces. Da Vinci plastic poker cards are durable and washable, yet they look great!


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