CVK 600 Poker Analyzer Device Special Price For Sale

The CVK 600 Poker Analyzer is the latest model in the range of mobile poker analyzers. It has a one-to-one earpiece and a remote for adjusting the scan angle for the best results. The scanning range of its digital Bluetooth headset can reach about 10 meters from the transmitter.


The CVK poker analyzer has been a popular choice for cheating in poker over the past few years. The CVK 600 poker analyzer, which is a special model of poker scanner analyzer, is based on the most advanced technology available to convert a smartphone into a poker analyzer. The CVK 600 analyzer looks fashionable and is very popular.

CVK 600 Poker Analyzer has a built-in camera that scans invisible barcodes on marked playing cards. The device can read cards quickly. Scanning the results of a game of Solitaire can take less than 0.1 seconds. It can fully support Texas Hold’em, Omaha 4 Cards, Omaha 5 Cards, Flush games, Indian In-out games, etc.

The CVK 600 poker analyzer can be used daily as a smartphone. You can make phone calls, surf the internet, or take photos. The user must enter a passcode in order to use the CVK600 poker cheating device. After that, the analyzer will connect to the poker-scanning camera. The Iphone poker analyzer will report the game results with 100% accuracy as soon as it detects the barcode-marked cards on the table.

The CVK 600 Poker Card Analyzer has these features:

This device is very stylish and authentic looking.

Built-in camera with rapid card scanning speed

Compatible with any wireless scanner camera

You can use the phone timeline to get information about the device.

To receive information, users can also use wireless earpieces. This earpiece can be worn without causing any damage to the ear.

The user can adjust the speed of reporting manually.

The CVK 600 mobile cheating device includes pre-stuffed games such as Texas hold ’em and Omaha, Mahjong Blackjack, Seca flash, and so forth.

CVK 600


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