Copag Marked Cards for poker cheating

Copag Poker marked cards, based on ordinary copag playing cards, are used with a pair of special contact lenses or infrared camera lens and cvk 680 poker analyzer.

Contact lens card with Copag logo

Copag marked playing card, also known as a contact lens marker card, is most commonly used by Copag. There are many reasons why people love using contact lens cards with the Copag logo.

1. It is easy to use contact lenses with invisible ink and Copag’s marking cards
Copag marked contact lenses are easy to use. Just wear contact lenses with invisible ink. Then you can see the invisible mark on the card. These invisible marks are invisible to the naked eye. This means you will be able to recognize poker faces before the cards are dealt.

2. Copag marked cards and contact lenses are economical
Copag marked cards are less expensive than poker analyzer systems. Cards or contact lenses bearing the Copag mark can be used to deceive opponents in poker.

Poker Analyzers Using Copag marked cards

Copag marker cards, also known as barcode marker cards, are used in poker analyzers. The four edges of the card bear the markings of the barcode card.
A barcoded Copag card requires a poker analyzer, pr scanner and mini headset. All models of Copag cards can be converted to barcode tagged cards. They all work great.


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