Casino Bumble BEE Playing Cards Cheating With Contact Lenses

Brand: Bee Bumble playing cards
Material Paper Processed: ink Invisible ink
Application: poker game

Casino Bumble BEE playing cards are from the United States. Our company has over 10 years of experience in invisible ink-cheating poker decks. We can process any brand of card and offer the best service. Our professional staff makes marking Bumble BEE easy. The invisible ink that is used to mark the back of cards can help you identify cards’ numbers and suits. Poker players can easily see the cards of their opponents by simply wearing contact lenses that mark cards.

Bee Brand Bumble Bee playing cards feature a mirror image of bumblebees on the backs. The marked bumble BEE cards are casino-grade and have superior snap, slide, and shuffle. You can use marked cards contact lenses and casino cheating BEE decks to infer poker results.


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